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About Us – Our EICMA Journey

Welcome to Boldica Sports, where passion meets innovation. Our journey at the EICMA Exhibition has been nothing short of extraordinary, showcasing our commitment to excellence and the evolution of Bolder Sports, a proud part of Boldica Sports.

EICMA 2008: A Bold Beginning In 2008, we embarked on our first EICMA Exhibition as Bolder Sports, setting the stage for a bold and dynamic presence in the world of sports and innovation. Our commitment to pushing boundaries was evident from the very beginning.

EICMA 2010: Building Momentum 2010 marked a significant chapter in our EICMA story. As Bolder Sports, we continued to build momentum, captivating audiences with cutting-edge designs and groundbreaking technologies. The journey was unfolding, and our passion for sports innovation was gaining recognition.

EICMA 2011: The Boldica Fusion In 2011, a transformative moment occurred as Bolder Sports seamlessly integrated into the Boldica Sports family. This evolution marked the convergence of our strengths, resulting in a powerful synergy that would redefine sports excellence. The EICMA Exhibition of 2011 was a celebration of this union and a showcase of what Boldica Sports stands for.

Boldica Sports Today: A Legacy of Innovation Today, Boldica Sports stands as a beacon of innovation and a testament to the dedication that began at EICMA. We carry the legacy of Bolder Sports forward, fusing tradition with modernity to create sports products that inspire and perform.

Join us on this exhilarating journey as we continue to push the boundaries of sports innovation. Boldica Sports – where every step is a leap into the future.